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Previous posters and prints not listed in the Shop, have likely sold out long ago. We do not sell prints that are not currently available in the Shop. 

Posters are shipped in Yazoo Mills Heavyweight shipping tubes •Please allow 4-6-weeks deliver.  You will receive a shipping confirmation issued by the paypal interface when the label is printed.

Due to time constraints, if multiple orders are placed by a single customer, a tube will be sent for each order.
Orders will not be combined, nor will shipping be refunded. Please be aware of that when placing your order!!

•All orders are shipped through Paypal's shipping interface service. Make sure your Paypal shipping address is accurate.

•All orders are shipped USPS Priority Mail 

•International shipping: Currently we will figure international shipping separately and send you a Paypal request for the balance.

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Do the pervasive amount of people flipping posters, I have have attempted to print enough Artist Edition posters to make sure everyone that wants one, gets one. This is an effort to discourage after market sales on ebay and get the posters into the hands of the fans first. This has caused is that some poster resellers (aka Flippers) to order from me, then see the ebay market is flooded and want refunds. This means my method of making sure there is enough posters to go around is somewhat on some small level working. So please, if you are only buying to resell at a much higher level understand the market may not accommodate you. I know some buyers have legitimate reasons for wanting to cancel orders, but please understand because of the flippers I cannot make exceptions… No refunds.